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A region full of everything in Romania…that’s definitely Maramures!

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One of the most amazing, interesting and dreaming place in Romania – MARAMURES.

I am proud I am Romanian!!!

Travel more and more!

Probably you haven’t heard of this idyllic place but it’s a must when it comes to tourism in Romania because it provides what everybody needs- remarkable ski slopes, amazing wooden churches listed as UNESCO’s monuments and many other wonderful places to see. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s go,dear traveler…

      1. Are you a lover of winter sports? Maramures will meet your requirements due to its nice ski resort Cavnic where you’ll be impressed of traditions which are passed down from generation to generation. Here I’m refering to Christmas time or New Year’s period when I’ve had the pleasure of learning their customs-they tend to go from door to door wishing locals and tourists either a happy new year or good luck depending on that Holy Day. (and the fact that children sing beautiful carols-it’s so lovely!)


                 Apart from their traditions, Maramures offers everybody the possibilty to practise winter…

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I am a cheerful and optimistic person. I love music and dance, I like to write a lot but the most of all I adore traveling and run away in my holidays! :)

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  1. Multumesc pt repostare!


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