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Top 5 places to see in Verona!

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Good to know about the most important sights in Verona!

Travel more and more!

Verona- history, romance, shopping ,architecture! Yes that’s Verona, one of the most visited Italian cities. Are you curious about seeing it through the eyes of a passionate traveler? If so, be ready to discover  this remarkable city with  its major tourist attractions. Here’s a list of my tips regarding Verona( what to see if you don’t have so much time-so did I). You won’t be short of sights in this beautiful city, even if you ignore Juliet’s “balcony”- the famous setting of Romeo and Juliet film.  Lots of buildings which deserves to be on the  World Heritage list!

   1. Verona’s Roman Arena-  the third largest in Italy (after the Roman Colosseum and the arena in Capua). Awe-inspiring seen from outside, isn’t it? With a capacity of  25,000 spectators, this reminder of 1’st century Roman period, gathers many tourists interested in exploring a wonderful vestige and imagining themselves as…

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